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Thank you for helping to keep the friends and family of St. George's safe during these difficult times.

At this time we are praticing social distancing, wearing masks, hand sanitizing, and contract tracing. Please social distance in line while waiting to come inside. Just inside the door you will be met by our contact tracer and will be asked for your contact information. You will then be directed to an usher who will show you to the next availble socially distanced seats. Following the service, the usher will direct you when it is your trun to leave. Thank you for your coperation!

Due to social distancing, our numbers are  limited for both our 8am and 10 am servics. No registration is required. Please arrive a bit early. Announcements begin at 5 minutes to the hour. Doors open at quarter to.

We hope you feel the warm weclome our our St. George's family.