The weather may have forced us inside, but we continue to worship! 

Please join us at St. George's Anglican Church on the Tenth Sunday After Pentecost as we are led by Seminarian Laura Woolner in a service of Morning Prayer which has been modified from "A Prayer Book for Australia" from the Anglican Diocese of Rockhampton. The music today is offered by our Music Director, Janet Cringle, and choristers Joan Liddiard, Sue Abbots, and Ruth McWhirter. Today's Scripture readings are read by Sue Abbots and Richard Griffith, the Prayers of the People are led by John Leckie, and Hazel de Burgh is serving behind the camera. We are grateful for the ministry of each participant, especially in the Reverend Bowcott's absence.
May your relationship with the Lord deepen as your focus remains on Him.

Blessings in your week!